A Day in your Life


We are living in a time where everything goes by so fast, kids grow up, parents grow old, nursery becomes school and school becomes college.  Don’t you want to remember how your kids looked first thing in the morning, your first days with your newborn, those long afternoons rocking your baby, the snuggled up bedtime stories, the frustrations of them not eating when you have tried every trick in the book.

Let me document all of this with YOU in it.

Every family has their own unique story, so lets take a day (or a morning, an afternoon) and tell your story unabridged and unscripted. I join your family and document the big and small moments that make up your life. The beauty of it all is that the pressure is off and the resulting images are true and real, making them all that much beautiful. There’s no need to plan on the perfect outfits or bribe the kids to behave. I am looking to capture the real moments of your family’s life as it is, silly, messy, happy, goofy, frustrating, loving, and a million other things.

I want to show you the love that I see. But more importantly I want to show you what I feel when I look at you with your family.

Drop me a line and let’s discuss on how we can make this amazing!









“don’t shoot what it looks like. shoot what it feels like” – david alan harvey

I am a Story teller and a Moment Junkie

I believe in the magic of the unexpected, spontaneous moment. 

I crave to capture raw and genuine emotions, people and their reactions intrigue me. 

My style is candid, fun, casual and spontaneous. I love capturing the real YOU. I prefer knowing a little about yourself; your favourite places, colours, likes and what makes you laugh! The more I know, the better position I am in to tell your story. 

I love LOVE and the celebration of love at weddings; the chaos, the traditions, colours, the feelings, the craziness and the sheer magnitude of it all, truly excite me. 

I guarantee you images that you will fall in love with, images that will make you cry and images that will put that big fat smile on your face for years to come. 


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